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How can we help you?

  • Can I walk in/booking a session for today?
    We do not accept walk-ins. Bookings for tufting workshops are required to be made at least one day ahead.
  • Do I need to pay in advance?/ Why do I have to enter my card?
    No, all payment are made after the session on the day. However we require your card infos by booking to secure your spot while we won't charge from it unless there's a no-show or late cancellation.
  • Can two people work on one tufting piece together?
    If you wish to complete one work by two people together, please select "Booking for 1 Person" and leave a message to let us know :)
  • Age requirement
    Our classes are suitable for students 13+ years due to safety considerations, however all partook under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • How long would it take to receive my piece?
    For standard process we will finalise your tufting works within a week and notify you by email. Store pickups and delivery options are available. If you are in a rush or come from a long way, we also offer Express Finishing for mini and small sizes [cushions and mirrors excluded], that allows you to pick up on the same day.
  • Maximum number of attendees
    We can arrange a group session up to 6 people, please send your enquiry to our email
  • Cancellation & Reschedule
    Cancellation and reschedule requests are accepted at least 1 day before your appointment. Or you may be charged a cancellation fee by 50% of the total amount of the session.
  • What is the cost and how to book?
    Our pricing varies depending on the size you select, online bookings are required before you attend. Please check out our Booking System. Each participant will have your own tufting work. If you wish to complete one work by two people together, please select "Booking for 1 Person" and leave a message to let us know :)
  • Delivery options
    Domestic and international shipments are available via AuPost.
  • Pickup time frame
    Our pick up window opens from 1pm-6pm by Wednesdays to Sundays. (We are closed on Monday and Tuesday)
  • Tips for cleaning maintenance
    For dusts on the rug simply use a lint roller or vacuum. If unfortunately the rug is stained, any carpet cleaner would be really helpful. *Please note: Do not wash
  • How or When do I redeem my card?
    By booking you are required to put in your bank infos to secure your spots while we won't charge from it. Your gift card will be applied for checkout after the session on the day!
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